We seek it thus, and take it to the sky

Ripples form on the water’s surface

The wandering soul knows no rest



Defined as limitless, no boundary, brotherhood, life, universe,
Ashim is used in Nepali, Indian, Hebrew, and Muslim traditions.

Tini Courtney Chief Executive Dreamweaver created a Los Angeles based company HOWL
(Handle Only With Love) embracing a philosophy of collective connection with all being in
existence in the World: "a network of energy that links all creatures together". Tini knew that
all elements have a vibration a resonance that is unique and one of a kind hand-made by Earth.
Consumed by inspiration from the World's direct model, nature herself,
HOWL will Handle Only With Love meditating over each element reflecting balance and synergy.
Blessed with a physical manifestation transcending all universal boundaries traveling beyond limits and matching our World-Spirit with specially chosen elements coupled with embedded artifacts brought back from India and Nepal. Tini knew exactly what name to choose for our meaningful piece. We give you a fluid wave of our collaborative story where Tini embraced the World-Spirit giving life to

                                                                         Ashim - Limitless 

"On an auspicious day mutual friends from Time Peace commenced wearing HOWL creations. This instantly intriguied me as the design was ultimately balancing in both a wellness perspective as well as an asthetically pleasing material visual - it was hip and pretty! Tini at HOWL responded to my contact almost instantaneously, even though I was out of the country and unsure of how I would snail mail HOWL meaningful pieces for the necklace.

 Upon arrival from Asia I was asked to return to Los Angeles with Kidd LĂșcid after being home in San Francisco just under one week. Tini at HOWL was available to meet me directly, and infuse the meaningful elements I had brought back from India and Nepal, as well as the raven and eagle feather gifted to us by artist Richard Castaneda, to create my custom piece. HOWL knew to web in goldstone for energy and blissful balance, magnesite to continue to stimulate my passion for creative visualization, pyrite for a good luck auric field, and black onyx. Synchronicity and alignment throughout contact with HOWL since the beginning!!!

 When Tini named the piece 'Ashim - Limitless' it was apparent that she had searched deep into the depths of my journey as this name was the most appropriately suited for the creation given to me. This Ashim - Limitless piece I have yet to take off, and its magnetic existence shall continue to be displayed on me, as a living and breathing work of art! Eternal Gratitude Namaste!"

In divine friendship to Tini of HOWL we created a video of ASHIM 
 in the Los Angeles sunshine after Tini brought the treasure to us herself. 

Copyright © 2011 by World-Spirit.org. Written and Edited by Journalist Liza Lichtinger, MS, NCC.


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