We seek it thus, and take it to the sky

Ripples form on the water’s surface

The wandering soul knows no rest


Transpersonal Psychology

Gaia the soul of the planet earth reverberates and vibrates unconditionally.
Vibration is the ONE guiding force generating all of her children on this earth.
Vibration IS what creation is based upon.

Animation of one possible mode of vibration of a circular drum instrument.
YES vibration is not only felt it can even bee seen!

When the world-spirit team saw the below text promoted on our dear friends facebook wall page, David Jay Brown, we were intrigued.  Vibration yolked to Transpersonal Psychology?!   

Audrey's message:
"I feel that it is important to generate awareness in the field of psychology about the impact that electronic dance music events are having on people on psychological and spiritual levels. Participation in this research will entail a 1-2 hour interview at a mutually agreed upon time and place in or around the San Francisco Bay Area. If you have had a spiritual, mystical, or religious experience at an electronic dance music, live in or somewhat close to the San Francisco Bay Area, and are interested in being a research participant, please contact me at: transpersonal.edm@gmail.com. Confidentiality will be ensured."

Audrey, a PhD candidate in Clinical Psychology decided to take her studies at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology to another level...a higher vibration...a higher state of consciousness.  Audrey who conducts her "dissertation research on the mystical, spiritual, and religious experiences (drug and non-drug induced) with connecting it to electronic dance music events (raves and clubs)," accepted one of our World-Spirit artists out of  only 12 total whom she will be interviewing as a participant in her research study today.  

Thank you Audrey for reminding the Council of Creators at World-Spirit of our roots.  Much fortune on your search for transpersonal and transcendental life altering experiences!  We will be following your progress tree and all interrelated vibratory branches. Our gratitude to you, simply for being true to yourself!

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Drum Vibration Modes


Membrane Example Normal Modes

Two dimensional standing wave

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